Never put your money into an investment unless you know how you are going to get it out. It sounds so simple. Money should be ready to use when you need it, but if you don’t have a plan, you could find yourself in an investment that is not ready when you are.

Do you find yourself asking questions like these?

  • How do I save for my child’s college education?
  • What is the best investment to save for the home improvement we’re planning?
  • How can we protect our retirement nest-egg now that we are nearing retirement age?

The answer is different for every person in each situation. Let us help you find the right answers to your questions.


Catt Wealth Consulting clients are smart people who understand it is wise to engage a guide when entering the ticker tape jungle. CWC does not impose a minimum fee or account size. Most of our clients are referred by other clients.

Whether you are a governmental employee trying to figure out which rules apply to your benefits, someone working for a private employer without a user-friendly benefits function, or a socially conscious person looking for investments to match your values, we can help.

We are licensed to work on a fee-for-service, hourly, or commission basis. Talk truly is cheap, because the initial one-hour consultation is free.
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