Administrative Assistant to Financial Advisor (3/29/2024)

Career Path: This job will begin as an administrative assistant to a Financial Advisor. If you prefer to stay in an administrative or compliance role, you will always have a place within the firm. Good administrators are always necessary and valuable. You will learn a great deal about good financial hygiene and how to avoid the costly mistakes many others make with their money.

If that is not enough, you can learn how to become a financial advisor. This will involve earning your Series 7, Series, 63 and Series 66. I will sponsor your coursework and coach you over the next seven to ten years.

Skills Necessary:

Need to know or learn Microsoft Excel and Word.
Familiarity with Client Engagement Software such as Salesforce, Redtail, Wealthbox, Right Capital
would be useful as the skills to use Client Records Managers (CRMs) are transferrable to another
software package.


Organization and Logistics
Follow through
Willingness to use the phone

Target Compensation:

Beginning Salary will be commensurate with experience. Ideally, we will find candidates starting
around $25.00 per hour full time. Please ask about our benefit package.

Work Location:

501 W. John Street
Matthews, NC 28105
This building is in the Matthews Historic District


Annual Global Client Maintenance Tasks:

  1. Check that households are properly linked with all accounts in the household connected for fee aggregation.
  2. Check that fee rates that cannot be aggregated are set properly.
  3. Check for new RMD recipients and make sure RMDs are done for all existing recipients.

a) Verify that either a distribution plan is set up that will be sufficient to cover the necessary RMD, and where one is missing, bring to attention of advisor.

b.) Prepare RMD periodic distribution paperwork as requested. Shepherd the client
through the e-signature process.

c.) In October, verify that RMDs were all distributed as planned. If an RMD is missing, verify whether the RMD happened from another account, or prepare RMD distribution paperwork for this year’s distribution and all future distributions (May 1st )

Day to Day Client Maintenance Tasks:

    1. Entering client information into Cambridge Logistics and Information Center (CLIC) from the information gathered on handwritten client profile forms.
    2. Preparing documents for client signature whether printed out or using e-signature.
    3. Submitting completed and signed documents to the Broker-Dealer (BD)/Registered Investment Adviser (RIA).
    4. Checking and responding to the BD/RIA Paperwork Status Monitor.
    5. Submitting correspondence as required.
    6. Reminding clients of their appointments the two days prior to their appointments.

6a.) Maintain firm calendar.

6b.) Prod advisor to update her whereabouts on the firm calendar from time to time.

  1. Being available to submit a Service Request for funds for a client when the advisor cannot. And following up to assure that the trades were placed, and the funds were properly sent.
  2. Monitor NFS’s system to identify incoming funds that need to be traded by the advisor (fund
  3. landing in Wealthport Advisor Directed (WPAD) or Cambridge Managed Account Platform (CMAP)).
  4. Also, identify clients getting low on cash for scheduled distributions or fee payments.
  5. Prepare Client Extracts as necessary: for example: Birthday lists

Occasional Client Maintenance Tasks as assigned:

      1. Look up various bits of information in preparation for client meetings.

    a.) Fee Rate and whether accounts are properly linked as a household.
    b.) CIR Statement
    c.) Beginning Value of account, subsequent contributions, or distributions (need to record
    amount of each and when it happened).
    d.) If the client has a living benefit annuity, need to know the amount available under the
    Benefit and the Lifetime % Withdrawal Amount.

      1. Verify settlement after trades are placed. Check that trades that were placed went through as
      2. Prepare paperwork to follow up appointments such as Model Strategy changes.
      3. Prepare Client Extracts for special projects like replacing a Fund or Cambridge Asset Allocation
        Platform (CAAP) Strategist.
        Communication and Marketing Tasks:
      4. Open necessary on-line portals and coordinate between website and portals in compliance
        with Cambridge rules.
      5. Prod advisor to produce blogs on a schedule that is appropriate to the medium.
      6. Provide logistical support for events.
      7. Assist in client communications.

    a. This includes creating the birthday card list for each month.
    b. Once cards have been produced (Martha will address by hand and write a message
    in each. She will also affix an interesting stamp, but not seal the flaps).
    c. Please record messages for correspondence submittal.
    d. Seal and send stamped hand addressed envelopes.

    1. Maintain communication calendar.

    Technology tasks:

    1. When Cambridge technology does not work as planned, troubleshoot.
    2. Please teach me the skills I need to understand so I can work effectively with you.

    CAAP – Cambridge Asset Allocation Platform WPAD Wealthport Advisor-Directed
    CLIC – Cambridge Logistics and Information Center
    CMAP – Cambridge Managed Account Platform
    RMD – Required Minimum Distribution

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