Give your money purpose

It all begins with a conversation. You tell us what you are trying to accomplish, and we listen—carefully. Each person is unique, so our financial solutions are tailored to your particular needs. We are a truly independent advisory firm clearing trades through Cambridge Investment Research.

Our only interest is our client’s best interest.

We are here for you.

Each of us is the protagonist in their own life story.

We juggle our roles—child, parent, worker, business owner. Judicious money management can determine whether we have choices or circumstances will dictate our fate.

CWC is here for you as you compose the best version of your life story.


Whether you are a governmental employee, someone working for a private employer, or a socially conscious person looking for harmonious investments, we can help.


We provide an honest assessment of your current position and design a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to go.


We will take the time to help you discover your goals, so you can invest your money to fulfill the promises you have made to yourself and your family.

Plant Your Magic Beans

Jack’s magic beans grew overnight into a beanstalk that climbed into the clouds. Not all of us are provided with such a clear path to our treasure. We know the destination, but sometimes we cannot find the route, or we get stuck in a rut. CWC is here to help you find your way. Martha’s Story »


Learn more about us, our Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction, and Cambridge Investment Research.


Here you will find our best advice on a variety of classic subjects that come up in nearly every life story.


The Investment Recipe calls for Money and Time, but without the Knack, the knowledge gained by experience, you could waste both. We demonstrate this with some of our favorite recipes.

Beans Stalks

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