Financial Planning

Before you plant a garden, you have to know how much sun the plot will have, how water flows over it, and if the soil can support the plants you want. Your financial plan deserves the same care.

At first, we’ll listen more than talk. We want to know your hopes and dreams so we can discern your investment goals from this discussion. We’ll gather the information to assemble an honest assessment of your financial position.

We will explain, in plain language, exactly where you stand with regard to all your financial resources, including employee benefits and entitlements that are frequently overlooked by other firms. CWC plans are individually written to address your particular issues, not generated from data points entered into a computer application.

Once we understand each other and your personal financial goals, the form of your investment will follow the function of the money. Each goal will be funded—planted in the most appropriate spot with all the resources it needs to flourish.  Just as you would nurture your carefully planned garden, your investment will be tended and directed to your personal objectives with only your agenda in mind.


Catt Wealth Consulting clients are smart people who understand it is wise to engage a guide when entering the ticker tape jungle. CWC does not impose a minimum fee or account size. Most of our clients are referred by other clients.

Whether you are a governmental employee trying to figure out which rules apply to your benefits, someone working for a private employer without a user-friendly benefits function, or a socially conscious person looking for investments to match your values, we can help.

We are licensed to work on a fee-for-service, hourly, or commission basis. Talk truly is cheap, because the initial one-hour consultation is free.

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