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Children learn their spending and savings habits from their parents’ example. Learning about investments and the types of pre- and post-tax accounts can mystify even seasoned investors, because the choices and rules are always changing. Even if you are willing to read up on the subject, applying the theory to your own money without practical knowledge of how the theory works in real life may not be in your best interest. Your best interest is our only interest. So, don’t be afraid. We are here for you.


Catt Wealth Consulting clients are smart people who understand it is wise to engage a guide when entering the ticker tape jungle. CWC does not impose a minimum fee or account size. Most of our clients are referred by other clients.

Whether you are a governmental employee trying to figure out which rules apply to your benefits, someone working for a private employer without a user-friendly benefits function, or a socially conscious person looking for investments to match your values, we can help.

We are licensed to work on a fee-for-service, hourly, or commission basis. Talk truly is cheap, because the initial one-hour consultation is free.
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