Catt Wealth 2022 Wrap-Up

2022 has been a turbulent year. Between the winds of war in Europe to gusty political speeches to the swirling vortex of inflation, rising interest
rates, and plunging stock and bond markets, you may feel like you’ve been pelted by golf-ball sized hail. In times like these one needs to remember that while hail can be destructive on its way down, it melts into life-giving moisture.

We live in a world where social media and email travel at the speed of light along fiber optic cables. Where shopping can be done on-line in the morning and packages delivered to your house in the afternoon. But speed does not necessarily equal gratification, and the pace of life can be dizzying. This makes it difficult to find that peaceful, calm center, but we must try. I have provided the image on the front of this card to help you visualize calm. Personally, I find calm by making order out of chaos; by keeping things tidy and solving problems. That was one reason why I offered the Shred Event and Canned Good Drive at the end of October. It may please you to learn that we shredded the contents of two 96-gallon bins and collected 300 pounds of food.

As promised, I donated one dollar for every pound of collected packaged goods to Loaves and Fishes so they could buy fresh produce for their food
pantries. I also donated $300 to Ukrainian Relief through World Vision International. But I was so inspired by the Catt Wealth Community’s generosity that I also donated another $300 to Save the Children’s Ukrainian Relief program, because they provide a slightly different set of
services than World Vision. I also donated $300 to Second Harvest of Metrolina, which was double matched, so that gift became $900!

So that 300 pounds of donated food has now produced three times the initial promise. I would call that a geometric progression of kindness. Let’s keep it going!

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